Become a member of Nordmark

Through this page, you can register for a membership in SKA Nordmark or one of our many local groups in SKA Nordmark, through the menu link Become a member.

As a paying member you find your membership page where you manage your membership, under Log in member.

Membership contact information: kassor AT

This is how you do it

As of November 2019 this is how to register and renew your SKA Nordmark or local group membership!

Step by step instruction on how to register

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Become a member at the menu 
  3. Fill out the entire form
    1. SCA title – leave blank if you have no title in the society
    2. SCA name – enter the SCA name you have chosen (it need not be officially registered) or leave blank if you have not yet chosen a name in the society
    3. Joined the date – refers to when you originally joined the society but if you don’t remember you can guess or just leave it today’s date
    4. Areas of interest – these are used to automatically create mailing lists for everyone who has filled in here
    5. If you are not sure what membership fees you should pay, you can find information about all fees on the About Us page
    6. If you are a family member, do not forget to send us an e-mail about who is the main member of the family. Send the info to:
  4. Read the privacy policy if you haven’t already
  5. Choose your payment method and complete the payment
  6. Once the payment has been processed and we have been able to collect payment information from the bank, you can log in and see your digital membership card (pdf). A tip is to save the image of the card to your mobile if you are going to show it at events and there is poor coverage on the event site or you do not want to use mobile data at events abroad

For you who have children

In order for you to be able to register your child yourself in the system (which we gladly see you do even if the fee is 0 SEK), the child must have a unique email address. You choose regular membership and the system will automatically adjust to the correct price tag based on the child’s age. When the child later gets older and comes up in another membership fee group, the system automatically recalculates it then. 

Here are 2 different options on how to solve this:

  1. The child already has their own e-mail address and you think it is ok that info-mail and invoices also come to that address – use it and register as usual.
  2. You want to receive an invoice and info-mail to your own email address. Register your child with a variation of your e-mail address that contains a plus sign.For example, if you are going to register your son Kalle and have the address, enter in the email box. Then you send us an e-mail ( with the mail ( you would like the invoice to be sent to. When we have had time to register your second e-mail the login information is and invoices will come to

To you who are in charge of a local group

All local group membership fees will land on a special account with Nordmark that is only used for membership fees. Nordmark’s treasurer will periodically transfer all membership fees belonging to your local group to the local group’s account. The local group Exchequer & Senechal will have administrator privileges for your group and can at any time log in and see information on all members of the society and who have paid their membership fee or not.

As in recent years, Nordmark’s Exchequer will send an invoice to each local group at the beginning of January for your local group’s membership fee to Nordmark for the year 2020. This fee is based on the number of members 13 years and older that the local group had on 31 December 2019. The 2020 fee is 100 SEK/person. The local group treasurer pays this fee to Nordmark just as before.

To you who are an autocrat

It is important that we get with all our members in the new system and therefore we will need to be helped to make sure that everyone registered and help those who may have problems with this. The Board, therefore, asks that we once again start checking membership in the troll at all events so that we can catch up with those who have failed to register or need help to learn how to obtain their digital membership card. We will also if possible want some space to sit with a computer to help those who have not yet registered so that they can do this at events.

If you have any questions about yourself, your local group, or your event, do not hesitate to contact us.

SKA Nordmark’s Board of Directors