FAQ in English

Here you will find our most frequently asked questions and answers. If you do not find an answer here, please email member@nordmark.org

English membership FAQ

You can always contact us through: memberATnordmark.org

The first time you log in, you need to go to Log in member and click on the password link: Create password/Forgot password where you can enter the email you have registered in the system.

A link will be sent to your email that will allow you to create a password.

You can then go back to https://member.nordmark.org/ and Log in member.

When you are a new member, you must go to the login page and click on “Logga in medlem” to get to the page where you log in.

Once there you click on the link that says Create password/Forgot password and a new password is sent to your registered email address.

If you have forgotten which e-mail you used when registering you can contact us at member@nordmark.org

As long as the sum is zero, the membership is automatically extended for another year. The invoice is mostly information for you that the child is active in our system.

If you want to remove your child from our system, contact us at member@nordmark.org

If you register and choose to pay with Swish (only for those in Sweden) or Card you will pay directly.

If you instead choose to pay with Email invoice then an invoice will be sent to your e-mail and you have 30 days to pay. If you haven’t paid in that time you will get a reminder and then another reminder about 2 weeks later.

When you register in the form you enter their birth data (YYYYMMDD) and then the system calculates a discount based on your age.

You should therefore choose the same membership that you would have for an adult and then the system will calculate the discount before you receive the invoice.

However, choose an invoice for children and adolescents.

I tried logging in but get an error message.

  • Check that you have spelled your e-mail address correctly.
  • Check that you are on the correct webpage. It should be nordmark.arcmember.net/public and you should see the Nordmark arms in the top left corner. See images below.
  • Try the password reset function “skapa lösenord / glömt lösenord”
  • If none of the above works then write to member@nordmark.org and describe your problem as best you can.

Swish is a swedish mobile cash transfer system that requires a swedish mobile number and bank account.

The card option allows for direct debit and credit card payment with Visa and Master Card. This is the easiest option for residents outside of Sweden.

The email invoice gives you the option to do a bank transfer. The information in the invoice gives the I fo needed for transfers within Sweden. Please contact member@nordmark.org for international bank transfer details

If you don’t have Swish yourself, but someone who has it can pay for you. Enter their mobile number in the Swish box. Then click ahead and ask them to open their Swish App and pay directly when payment notification from SKA Nordmark shows up.

Should it take too long and payment fails, use the browser’s back button to return to the registration page and try again, or select another payment option.

First, look at your profile page if it’s something you can change on your own.

If something has gone wrong that you cannot change yourself, simply email the correction to member@nordmark.org and we will fix it as soon as we can.

You need to contact the membership system group, who are the only ones who can change names in the system. You can change other information yourself on your profile page.

You get in touch with the membership system group through: member@nordmark.org

First you have to go to the menu “Log in member” to get to the page where you log in and can also generate a new password.

Once there, click on the link that says Create password / Forgot password and a new password will be sent to your registered email address.

If you have forgotten your email address, please contact us at member@nordmark.org

If you want to change the local group, you need to contact* the membership system group through: member@nordmark.org
*Keep in mind that it may take a while for the group to make the change as we are all working on this as volunteers. If it is urgent, it is fine to make direct contact with Nordmark’s exchequer.

The member system group needs a written documentation to carry out changes in the system. Therefore, an email is required, and you cannot just talk to the person you know in the group.

If you want to register your child it works great.

In order for you to be able to register your child yourself in the system (which we gladly see you do even if the fee is 0 SEK), the child must have a unique email address. You choose regular membership and the system will automatically adjust to the correct price tag based on the child’s age. When the child later gets older and comes up in another membership fee group, the system automatically recalculates it then.

Here are 2 different options on how to solve this:

  1. The child already has their own e-mail address and you think it is ok that infomail and invoices also come to that address – use it and register as usual.
  2. You want invoice and infomail to your own email address. Register your child with a variation of your e-mail address that contains a plus sign. For example, if you are going to register your son Kalle and have the address mother.andersson@gmail.com. Enter mother.andersson+kalle@gmail.com in the email box. Then send us an mail (member@nordmark.org) and tell us about the mail (mother.andersson@gmail.com) that you would like to have the invoice to. Then the login information is mother.andersson+kalle@gmail.com and invoices will come to mother.andersson@gmail.com.

Also, choose invoice as payment option when registering children and adolescents.

You can change most information yourself on your profile page in the system.

You get there through the menu: Log in member on this page

If you have not logged in before, you will find tips on how to do it the first time in this FAQ.

Längst ner på varje sida i systemet hittar du två små flaggor. Om du klickar på den svenska så ändras sidans språk till svenska.

Är du på vår hemsida hittar du flaggorna bredvid menyn.

Har du frågor når du oss alltid på member@nordmark.org

If the child turns 13 in the calendar year for which the fee applies, the system counts the child as 13 even if it has not yet turned 13.

Your email address (which you entered when you signed up) is your username.

If you have forgotten which email address you used, you can always get help through member@nordmark.org

Once you have registered, you can start logging into the system. You will come to your profile page where you can see the information you have entered and also your membership card.

However, some administration may be required by our administrators before you get the right date on your card. Should it take an unusually long time, you can always contact us through member@nordmark.org

English FAQ for admins about the membership system

A scheduled personal mailing can be found under Mailing – Sent.

If it is there and has not gone away – you can delete it from the list. First you can copy it if you want and you will get a copy in Draft that you can work on, if desired.

This is information for you who are an administrator in the membership system.

A scheduled personal mailing can be found under Mailing – Sent.

If it is there and has not gone away – you can delete it from the list. But you cannot edit it there.

This is information for you who are an administrator in the membership system.