Privacy policy SKA Nordmark

Revised: 2019-09-30

SKA Nordmark is a Swedish party-politically neutral and religiously independent non-profit association for affiliated associations and individually affiliated individuals with the aim of promoting the practical study of medieval customs and use with medieval objects as a model. SKA Nordmark is affiliated as an affiliate/affiliate group for Sweden to the Society for Creative Anachronism ( SCA) and is its official representative in Sweden. SKA Nordmark also manages members in Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Russia. SKA Nordmark and also aims to support The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.’s Swedish branch Nordmark, with its subordinate groups, so-called institutional members.

SKA Nordmark also works for the dissemination of SCA in other countries, as well as publishing Nordmark’s newsletter, Silversparren.

This policy describes how SKA Nordmark ensures that all individuals’ personal integrity is respected in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Privacy Disclaimer

SKA Nordmark (org. No. 802013-0095) is responsible for personal data, i.e. responsible for the processing of personal data within the framework of SKA Nordmark in accordance with applicable legislation and this policy.

Legal basis

SKA Nordmark undertakes to respect and protect your personal data and your privacy in accordance with applicable legislation. The legal basis for the processing of personal data may be, for example, agreements, consent, legal obligation or balance of interests. Read more about what legal basis means here:–regler/dataskyddsfororden/rattslig-grund/

Why we process personal data

In order for SKA Nordmark to be able to conduct operations in accordance with our purpose, personal data is processed for various purposes linked to the operation.

SKA Nordmark processes personal data to:

  • administer activities in the form of activities, such as events, training, meetings for crafts, camps, education and meeting places and more
  • Communicate with members and other interested parties about opportunities, impact issues and other valuable information
  • reporting of statistics and activities to authorities, student associations & our parent association
  • manage financial transactions (eg event fees etc.)
  • administer board & office positions within the association
  • establish agreements and collaborations with external parties
  • manage the rental of .. rental of premises
  • document important information for the association (annual meetings, board meetings, etc.)
  • collect gifts and contributions to the business
  • Manage tasks related to awards
  • Manage information about sanctions and exclusion of members of the association
  • Handling of information about injuries and accidents that may occur during fighting games and fencing in accordance with permits to conduct this business
  • Manage heraldry information as part of creating and sustaining an association’s shared history and world

How we collect personal information

Activities and Arrangements under the auspices of SKA Nordmark or coordinated by SKA Nordmark

SKA Nordmark regularly organizes activities and meeting places in the form of e.g. meetings, trainings, workshops and events, etc.
Legal basis: Agreement

Positions of trust

Individuals can set up various trust assignments in the association (eg prince, board, official, etc.).
Legal basis: Agreement

Member statistics and business accounts

SKA Nordmark can handle personal data through the member reporting which is to be passed on annually to the authorities / study associations in order to report activities to receive grants the association is entitled to. But also to report the number of members to our parent association SCA.
Legal basis: Balance of interests


In connection with various collaborations with external parties and / or associations affiliated with SKA Nordmark, personal data may be processed. SKA Nordmark may share information with international parties within SCA in accordance with the agreements that have been signed, primarily regarding officials, princes, awards for awards and heraldry, but also regarding sanctions and exclusions.
Legal basis: Agreement

Sensitive personal data

SKA Nordmark welcomes everyone to our community, regardless of gender, age, belief or political opinion, etc. Membership or involvement in SKA Nordmark cannot automatically be linked to sensitive personal data. SKA Nordmark avoids as far as possible to collect sensitive personal data. In activities where food is cooked, data on allergies and food preferences are collected to provide food that is safe for the participants. This information is deleted after the activity.

In order to be able to report on, and follow up on any injuries during fighting games and fencing, according to the martial arts permit, certain information about these must be collected and handled. Some information will be reported to the County Administrative Board in Örebro county, which is the licensor.

Personal information about children

When handling personal data of children under the age of 16, consent from the custodian is obtained.

Minimization & time span for personal data management

SKA Nordmark strives to minimize the amount of personal data that is handled and that the time span for personal data management is reasonable. SKA Nordmark will carry out an annual assessment if the purpose of the processing of personal data remains. If the purposes are not met, the information will be deleted.

Right to request information and to correct incorrect information

Any person whose personal data is handled by SKA Nordmark has the right to receive information about when and how their personal data is processed. The person can request that incorrect information be corrected and request that the handling be terminated by sending a written signed request. Read more about the individual’s rights here:–regler/dataskyddsfororden/deregistrerades-rattigheter/

Right to file a complaint with the Data Inspectorate

Any person whose personal data is handled by SKA Nordmark has the right to make a complaint to the Data Inspectorate if it is considered that SKA Nordmark has not complied with the requirements of the law or the commitments of this policy.

Changes in SKA Nordmark’s privacy policy

SKA Nordmark reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time. The current policy is published on our website


If you have any questions about SKA Nordmark’s processing of personal data, you are most welcome to contact the chairman of the Board ordfö