If I would like to registrer my child. Is it possible?

If you want to register your child it works great.

In order for you to be able to register your child yourself in the system (which we gladly see you do even if the fee is 0 SEK), the child must have a unique email address. You choose regular membership and the system will automatically adjust to the correct price tag based on the child’s age. When the child later gets older and comes up in another membership fee group, the system automatically recalculates it then.

Here are 2 different options on how to solve this:

  1. The child already has their own e-mail address and you think it is ok that infomail and invoices also come to that address – use it and register as usual.
  2. You want invoice and infomail to your own email address. Register your child with a variation of your e-mail address that contains a plus sign. For example, if you are going to register your son Kalle and have the address mother.andersson@gmail.com. Enter mother.andersson+kalle@gmail.com in the email box. Then send us an mail (member@nordmark.org) and tell us about the mail (mother.andersson@gmail.com) that you would like to have the invoice to. Then the login information is mother.andersson+kalle@gmail.com and invoices will come to mother.andersson@gmail.com.

Also, choose invoice as payment option when registering children and adolescents.